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Just some tips about this and that
I recently read an article in Woman's Day that had some great frugal tips and you all know how much I love those.

Lightly dampen a sock with fabric softener and throw it in the dryer instead of using expensive dryer sheets -OR- use 1/2 cup of vinegar in the final rinse.

Try lessening the amount of dish detergent because the magazine says using "too much can actually damage dishes".

Drop denture tablets in your toilet to keep it clean and use toothpaste to clean hard water stains in your bathroom.

Remove mud from carpets with a good amount of table salt. Leave it for an hour then vacuum. If that doesn't work, try 1/4 tsp dish liquid. Leave it for an hour then vacuum.

Just another notable that has nothing to do with cleaning your house so much as your teeth. Don't brush your teeth 30 to 60 mins. after eating. The enamel on your teeth is softened by the foods and it leaves your teeth vulnerable. Thought everyone should know.
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