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Money, Money, Money...MONEY!
No, I'm afraid I'm not talking about real money. I'm talking Monopoly money. I'm doing a scrapbook page about game nights I used to have with my family and I'm using Hasbro's Monopoly paper and needed some money. I no longer have an original Monopoly because I've stepped it up in the world. Now I have Star Wars Monopoly, Disney Monopoly and the Collectors edition with cool pieces.

Anyway, turns out you can print your own Monopoly money here. I had never needed before but I figured it might be nice to know for those of you with kids who've lost some crucial game parts.

They also have Monopoly wallpaper and piece icons if you should need them for your scrapbook pages.

If you want to save on ink, I went into my picture program and removed the color. Then I printed on colored paper. It worked well for me.
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