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My Take on Prison Break
I started out watching Prison Break with my whole family and now most have stopped watching, which in itself is a pet peeve I'm developing. My husband, especially, likes to start shows with me and we'll each be very excited and then a few episodes in, he's over it. There I am, still excited, but with no one to talk to about it.

Anyway, so they stopped watching and now I'm on my own with it, except I still have this blog to talk about, or in this case, gripe about it. No, I don't care that the whole show is totally unbelievable. I don't care that someone so smart as Michael couldn't think of a better way to get his brother out of jail than to go to jail himself. A jail that he helped design. I don't care that he breaks out of that and then another only to break in to somewhere else. I don't even care that they pulled a soap opera move and brought a character who's supposed to be dead back on the show.

What I'm starting to care about is the fact that he wanted to save his brother so bad, he's willing to watch everyone else around him die. I mean maybe he should have let his brother die. Instead, his dad's dead, half the men he worked with are dead, all the people who help them are all dead. At some point, this supposed genius is going to have to question his choice here.

I know, we have to bring down "the Company" and I'm right there on the edge of my seat with everyone else who still watches. I'm just saying, there's been a lot of death to save one man.
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