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Battlestar Galactica & Hot Fuzz: Surprise! Surprise!
It might surprise you to learn that I am a Battlestar Galactica fan. Typically, this would not be my cup of tea. I'm definitely not a huge sci-fi fan. I started watching it with my husband and, before I knew it, I got pulled in.

For those who don't watch, it's a show about cylon machines vs. humans in space, trying to find earth. That's a very short summary but it's the best I can do. Odds are if you don't watch it, you probably don't care anyway, but I'm telling you, you missed out. It really is jammed packed, edge of your seat, what are they going to do next entertainment.

Edward James Olmos (not my favorite) and Lucy Lawless are probably the best known stars, but the whole cast is good. English born actor, Jamie Bamber plays American Apollo. This is something I don't understand. If you need someone with an American accent, why not hire an American? Yes, I'm referring to you too, "House".

To me, this is no different than when white men played Native Americans in movies or having John Leguizamo play a little person in Moulin Rouge. If I was a little person actor I would have been peeved about that myself. But I digress. Bamber plays a great Apollo, but it's just a quandary to me is all.

Another surprise, to me, is that I watched Hot Fuzz the other day, again for my husband's sake. Again, I found that I liked it. This is after seeing Shaun of the Dead, by the same people, and not liking it. Thus, I was sure I wouldn't like this either but I was wrong.

It is supposed to be a action movie spoof/comedy. I don't know that I thought it was hilarious or anything but it was entertaining. I would cut back on the gore if I were them. It's unnecessary. The movie was good without it.

I have been watching a lot, and I mean a lot of movies lately and this one held my attention which is more than most of the other garbage I've subjected myself to.
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