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Reality Shows: Past, Present and Future
So tonight's the American Idol finale. Although I would like David Cook to win, I didn't waste my time voting this year. Both David's will get record deals either way and, frankly, both deserve it. I've always said David Archuleta is not my thing, but I can't deny that he can sing.

I don't know that I agreed with Simon last night in saying that Archuleta out did Cook. I actually loved Cook's second song that Simon hated. I didn't care for the Collective Soul song he did, but I didn't like the original either.

I'm really not sure who I think will win tonight but I'm going to say Cook will take it. Even Simon said that Cook deserves it over Archuleta because he's paid his dues. Archuleta's only 17 and will have plenty of opportunities. That is, if his controlling father doesn't ruin it for him.

I started watching ABC's The Bachelorette with DeAnna Pappas on Monday. I had actually watched every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but stopped in the midst of The Bachelor with Brad Womack and DeAnna. I didn't care for him and decided I was only going to watch The Bachelorette from now on. Why do I want to watch a bunch of women with only one guy? Instead I'll watch 15 guys and hopefully like one of them. This season though, is slim pickings. There is a guy from my home, KC, but he's a hairdresser. The only other guy that stands out id the "dorky" science guy. When he puts his glasses on, he's pretty sexy. I'm not sure what happens when he takes them off but he really shouldn't do that.

Whitney Thompson won America's Next Top Model Cycle 600 or whatever it is. Now everyone's saying she only won because they wanted a plus size or "full figured" girl to win. I say, she's beautiful and it's about time. Even if Tyra chose her to serve a bigger purpose, it needed to be done and good for Tyra. I say that and I don't even like Tyra Banks.

More than anything else right now, I'm so excited to hear that The Mole is coming back. I'm not sure why it ever left but I loved that show. My husband and I were on vacation, in a restaurant, and realized it was coming on and we had them wrap our food to go because we loved that show so much. This was before we had Tivo to record everything.
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