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Cloverfield & Lost: the Good and the Bad
SEMI SPOILER ALERT: I hesitated seeing Cloverfield for a couple of reasons. First, I was thinking it was going to be another Godzilla. Didn't like Godzilla and don't want to see another. This was more like War of the Worlds, though it was never said that the creatures in this movie were aliens. In fact, it didn't explain them at all. Suddenly they're there and then we're following these people through the city, trying to rescue some girl, while everyone else, in their right mind, is trying to leave.

My problem with this is that they tried to make it seem like some love story about this guy who's about to leave the country and so he hadn't even had a real relationship with this girl, didn't care about her enough to take her with him, but then risks his and his friends lives trying to find her. Meanwhile, their families could be dead for all they know, but hey, let's worry about this girl; who, when they get there find she is only hit in the shoulder. The shoulder people. Somehow she was well enough to get ahold of her cell phone and call the guy but can't get out of the building because of her shoulder. If you can't help yourself in that situation, you deserve to die. If I had gone through what they did to find her there like that, I might have killed her myself. Of course, I wouldn't have been so stupid as to go after her.

Secondly, the movie was done by the producers of Lost. I am so frustrated with this show it makes me wish I'd never started watching it. Not only do I not believe that the writers even know what's going on, but they keep taking these huge breaks in between episodes. Is this show not hard enough to follow already? Out of principle I want to stop watching but I can't because you only watch this show to figure out what will happen in the end. So if I stop watching before then, all these years would have been wasted. That and I do enjoy watching Desmond. Forget Sawyer, he's good-looking, but I love an accent myself.

Don't even get me started on Hurley and Kate. Hurley, lose some weight. I get there's food on the island but not that much. You would have lost some weight by now. Kate, you're not B.A. so stop tromping along with the guys, acting like you are. It's ridiculous.

I thought I'd feel better if I got that out of my system, but nope, still don't.
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