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Maynard skin creams for extra dry skin
I have OCD and so I wash my hands like there's no tomorrow. Thus they are usually dry and cracked. On top of that, Missouri winters are always extra hard on my skin. I've tried many things for this. The one thing that works better than anything else is Maynard skin creams; specifically, Maynard Beautiful Lady Hand Care Cream.

My mother actually had some that I tried for the first time. She couldn't remember where she got it. So, I wrote the company to try and find out where I could get some and they told me that I would have to buy on-line because no store's sell it in my area. Apparently they used to have it at JC Penny's I believe they said, but no more. That's unfortunate because the shipping seems steep to me on their site, but it does work.

If you don't feel like buying on-line, you might want to try, Yes To Carrots Body Butter for Dry Skin. It isn't as good but it does help. This you can buy in stores. I know Walgreens definitely has it. I got a great deal on it with a rebate.
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