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Kansas City, Missouri: not country and not Kansas
My husband and I travel a lot, so we've been most places. I cannot tell you how much it annoys me when:

1. people assume we are from Kansas when we say Kansas City. Yes, it's a stupid thing that we're named after another state. However, KC, Missouri is very different to people in Missouri than KC, Kansas. I'm sure people in Kansas feel the same way. It's kind of like a rivalry really and so it's offensive. Especially since we're bound to hear the stories of how people have went through Kansas and it is soooo boring. Yes, it is, that's why I live in MISSOURI! I will say this though, Kansas has better roads because they have a toll at every block.

Though we may be rivals, we band together as a unified front against people in other regions. It's kind of like a brother/sister type thing where we can say something bad about them but no one else can.

2. One thing people may not know is that KC, MO and KC, KS share everything. On the news, we have to hear about what's happening in KS, if you want a job in MO and you pick up the paper, you gotta look through KS jobs. It sucks! Mind you, I live about 15 minutes away from Kansas, but it's just the point. I don't care what's happening in KS. When tornado alerts come across the screen, I don't care what counties are being affected in KS. I want to know what I need to know and that's what's happening in Missouri.

3. I used to live in Washington State and whenever people found out where I'm from, they would refer to it as "the country". Well, there's definitely country places here, but I was from the inner city. I wasn't raised on a farm. I know nothing about farm animals or tending to the land. In fact, I lived in a bigger place in KC than in Washington.

What I've learned from going other places is that Missouri really isn't that bad. Customer service is actually better here than I've seen in other places. We have 4 distinct seasons and it's actually nice because just when you're sick of it being too hot, fall, then winter. And when you're sick of it being too cold, spring and summer. Washington State doesn't know the meaning of seasons. Rain, rain is what they know. Jeez, I had to get out of there. I get depressed in the rain.

Yes, we have tornadoes but it's not a big deal to us. You get used to it. Before long, the alarms go off and you don't even pay mind to it. You just had down to watch tv in the basement. I figure that's how it is anywhere; whether it's hurricanes, earthquakes, or whatever. The only thing I don't get is people who live here and don't have a basement, what are they thinking? Yes, I'm talking to you trailer parks.
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