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American Idol Michael Johns & the top 7
I haven't posted sooner because frankly, I'm still in shock over Michael Johns departure last week. I know that people have to go, but the fact that he left before Kristy Lee Cook and Syesha just doesn't seem fair. I'm just hoping one of them leaves this week to balance things for me.

Still, I'm sure Michael Johns will go on to have a great career. I know I'll be ready when his CD comes out.

Now, I guess I'll have to put all my support behind David Cook to win it. He's the only one... now that I can see myself listening to once he's off the show. True, he just slows down every song with a big note towards the end to make it his own, but I like it. It's not genius but it's him and it's far better than what everyone else is doing.
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