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America screws up another one on American Idol
First Michael Johns now Carly. Not only should Carly Smithson have stayed last night; she, nor Syesha, should have even been in the bottom. I'm afraid to say it but Jason Castro or Brooke White should have been the ones to leave.

I like Jason alot but he tried to take on Memories, a song sung passionately by Barbra Streisand, and he murdered it. I don't think he got what the song was about, the emotion of it and thus he shouldn't have tried to take it on.

Brooke, Paula was absolutely right, you have stopped and started 2 songs now and you can't do that. I have never been to a show where a professional has done that, never! Randy and Simon should have backed Paula on that one. The one time Paula says something without sugar coating and they left her out to dry. Even Brooke knew she should have been in the bottom.

Thankfully, my husband reminded me that this happens every year, where the wrong people get sent home, and they still get record deals and everything works out. There can only be one winner and that's got to be David Cook.
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3 Responses
  1. pXr Says:

    I was pretty sure that Syesha was gona be safe, but I figured the bottom 3 to be Jason, Carly and Brooke. I'm kinda wondering if her song choice turned off voters because even Simon liked her performance.
    I was never a fan, so I can't say I'm sad... but I guess someone's gotta go and it makes good reality TV.

  2. callmekelly Says:

    Carly has never been my favorite either, but it's like you get an idea in your head of the order in which people will leave before David Cook wins and Carly wasn't next for me is all.

  3. Jose Says:

    It's obvious the majority of Americans feel the same, so it kindda makes me wonder how did that happen. In my little nucleuous we all thought for sure Jason and Brooke for bottom two with Brooke whom had screwed up for the second time would be gone.

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