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Valentine's Day: It's the little things
Maybe you've done breakfast in bed before, but A Bit O' Shine suggests presentation can go along way with these Rosy cups.

You can't go wrong with cookies or candy hearts in my book, so why not combine them? That's what Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories did.


Do like Muffin Tin Mom did and just put the love on anything, like with this Oreo.

My Coin Purse blog has a tutorial for a Bee Mine Bee Magnet that I thought was funny.

Make a valentine spinner as naughty or nice as you want to be. This tutorial shows you how.

I've been looking for ideas for men and can't really share any I plan to use just in case my husband were to see. Here's one I did find:

Custom Beer Labels. I know it doesn't scream romance, but hey it's their day too. Why not give em what they want...I mean the beer.

Check out great sites like Romantic-ideas.org for more ideas.
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