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Home Round up
I found these Cup & Saucer Lights on Apartment Therapy. I like their tips on making it yourself...of course.

The Standard Grill's Tiled Penny Floor. True this isn't in a home, but it could be if a person were daring enough.

Hopscotch Carpet by A/R Studio

Reupholstering an office chair goes in my "why didn't I think of that?" file.

Thanks to Curbly for those finds

Beaded cables -Now that's crafty thinking at it's best

I found this on Good Housekeeping. It's another, "why didn't I think of that?" things.

The PotLifter ($25) makes it a cinch to move large planters and rocks, branch-filled trash cans, and big cubes of peat moss or mulch. While it requires two people, testers found it extremely easy to use and small to store.
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