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Twilight New Moon Trailer
If you're one of the few who haven't seen it already, here's the Twilight New Moon Trailer. Now, here's what I have to say about it: I liked Jacob better than Edward in the books, but was skeptical that the actor, Taylor Lautner, would be able to pull off such a sexy character. That is until I saw the trailer. Just see the pic below and know that my doubts are gone.

Now, that being said, I am super surprised that they show Jacob turn to a wolf in the trailer. In the book, this was something that was supposed to be a surprise. Glad I read the book first because I liked not knowing what was going to happen.

Finally, still a little disappointed at the apparent quality of things. The wolf looks fine but what's with Laurent's eyes? It's a little cheesy. And for goodness sake, someone fix Jasper. That is a good looking guy that they never fail to make look less than good.
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