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Creative Inspiration: gifts, tips and tricks
We've been very fortunate to have both creative and thoughtful people around us. I thought I would share a few examples of what I mean and maybe inspire your creativity in the process.

One of the best, if not the best, gift I've ever received was a baby quilt from my sister. Not a huge deal on the surface, but what makes it so incredibly special is that the striped fabric used is from one of my dad's favorite shirts. Unfortunately, he had passed the year before my son was born. Of course, not everyone knew that when I started uncontrollably bawling at my baby shower...thanks sis. She, especially, has a knack for these types of gifts.

No offense to anyone else, but the best gift that my son received on his birthday was the Dr. Seuss drawings that my father-in-law did for him:

I took the liberty of framing them along with the truffula trees that we made as decorations. Along those same lines, my father-in-law also drew some circus animals (below) for the baby shower that I've now displayed in my son's room. I know these will mean so much to my son when he's older.

While I'm at it, I thought I'd also share some little touches in my son's room. I know everyone goes overboard with their first kid. They want everything to be perfect and skimp on nothing. I know that's how I felt. I came very close to spending hundreds on the crib set and all that. Luckily, however, I came to my senses...for the most part anyway. I decided that what would make my son's room truly special was if I were to do things myself, from the heart. So, instead of buying the letters that are $10 a piece at Pottery Barn Kids (left), I got some wood, and scrapbook paper and went to town (right).

Believe it or not, these colors actually all exist in the jungle theme we did. I also mimicked the idea on a small scale, with the knobs on the dresser. It was actually a creative solution to a problem we had with the screws on the knobs being too long. We just attached a little piece of wood behind them, again with the scrapbook paper and there you go.

I also attached some of those pull away hooks to the sides to hold robes and extra jackets. It comes in real handy.
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