My Blogs allow me to rant and rave about movies, scrapbooking, motherhood, saving money, and whatever else I'd like. I'm finding it to be a great release for me. I hope that others enjoy it as well.

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Fun with Photos for FREE!
In honor of the inauguration, get Obaminized with this site that takes your photo and does it in the same likeness as Obama's.

Not to be outdone by the Simpsonizer that turns your pics into Simpsons characters. Or turn your pics into comic strips at comeeko

Dumpr has some cool stuff you can do with your photos. Mostly fun stuff. If you want the really cool stuff, there is a small fee, but it's still worth checking out the free stuff.

Graphita has some playful ways to personalize your photos, much like pikipimp.

You can join Flauntr and get 30 prints for free! Voucher Code: FREEPRINTS.

This is just the beginning of this list. I intend to add more as I find them myself.
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  1. Bunny Says:

    A friend of mine sent me the link to the Obamaize myself. It's cute! Love your blog, thanks for visiting mine. :)

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