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The Bachelorette: Final 4
So I watched The Bachelorette yesterday. I'm a day late, as usual, because my husband doesn't want to watch it (go figure) so I wait til he's at work. DeAnna was down to her final 4 guys. Not that it matters because it probably won't work out with any of them and I really should focus on more important things, but here is what I think:

JEREMY is the guy who shares her pain of losing a parent. He, apparently, has lost both. I can't even imagine. I have, however, lost my father. So I understand how it could create a very strong bond between two people; though I don't know because my husband has not shared that experience.

While he seems the best fit for her, Jeremy has already admitted that he doesn't have time for a social life. So I don't know how he thinks he's ready to take on a full-blown relationship and possible marriage. On a personal note, I think he's boring, but that's me.

JESSE is the opposite of boring, but is so not someone DeAnna could settle down with long term. He's the snowboarder who is proving to be one of the nicer guys, but they're just too different.

JASON hasn't really shown much of who he is other than a father. DeAnna says that doesn't bother her and I give her credit for that because I don't think I could date someone with a kid. Not because of the kid but because I wouldn't want to deal with an ex.

GRAHAM is by far the one she had the most sexual chemistry with, but that's all there was. He didn't open up at all and so she let him go. She had to really because she would have been a complete hypocrite to have kept him considering she made such a big deal out of being open to the process.

After all's said and done, I don't think she has a good option for what she seems to want, nor do I think she ever did out of the men they had on the show.
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