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Provo Craft / Cricut vs. Fiskars paper trimmers
I originally bought the Provo Craft paper trimmer when I couldn't find blades for my Fiskars trimmer at JoAnn's and was very disappointed. For one thing, the surface is too slick. The paper slides around and causes you to make crooked cuts. On top of that, the arm snaps into place, making it tedious to have to make multiple cuts.
So, I wrote Provo Craft and complained so they sent me their Cricut version. Well, it's the same exact thing. Now, I'm stuck with two worthless cutters and I go to Michael's to get blades for my Fiskar's paper trimmer.

Fiskars is well worth the money. I think it's only $15. It's arm raises to the side and does not snap into place, making it easy to turn your paper and make straight cuts.
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