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Avent Bottles

Okay, I wrote Avent bottles because my husband and I are both unhappy with their products. Everytime we go to shake the bottle, formula goes everywhere. Then when it seems like we've got it, formula comes pouring out, down our baby's face.

Their response:

Thank you for contacting us about your AVENT Feeding Bottles. We have some advice that may help resolve the problems you have experienced.

The connection between the bottle and the nipple is very important as it provides a seal and vacuum to avoid leaking. Please be aware that over tightening of the screw cap should be avoided and that the nipple should be wet or damp during connection to ensure the best seal. This is achieved by wetting the skirt on the nipple and snapping it into the ring, making it upright and ready for use.

Additionally, we also suggest thoroughly cleaning the neck of the bottle when using formula as any residue of powder could obstruct the anti-colic valve. In this case, it is more advisable to mix the formula prior to putting it into the bottle, making sure the powder is completely dissolved.

While all of that sounds fine and good, the fact of the matter is when you have a screaming baby demanding a bottle and fast, you don't have time to do all of these steps to ensure a perfect seal. So they can suck it. I won't be using their products anymore.
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