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American Idol B.S.
Okay, this is fresh in my mind so I'll start with this. I can't get over the fact that American Idol is keeping David Hernandez on after finding out he worked as a nude stripper. Of course it shouldn't surprise me after they kept Antonella Barba on after finding she posed for provocative photos. None of which do I even care about except for the fact that they kicked off Frenchie Davis for similar behavior due to it being a "family show". The hypocrisy kills me.

I should say, I didn't even want to watch the show anymore after the whole Antonella Barba thing but my family's hooked. Reality tv is like drug. I swear it's rotting our minds and yet we keep watching. I've cut out a lot though. I used to watch it all, and now I stopped watching Survivor (after the rich/poor thing that was also B.S.), The Apprentice ("you're fired" I get it), The Bachelor, and some other smaller shows. So, I'm definitely working on it.
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