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Money Saving Blogroll Breakdown
For my sake and yours, I thought I'd do a quick run through of the blogs in my Money Saving blogroll and point out some of their features.

Becentsable - One of the best and most developed sites. I love the look of the site with tabs, does have coupon blogroll, but some you have to pay for, has "grocery gathering" with all stores listed and memes.

Budget Helpers -some interesting blog rolls, walgreens but not cvs, other little tips on free and cheap stuff out in the world.

Coupon Mom - Alot of info, but I don't love the way it's set up. Still, there is a lot of good stuff.

Frugal Living -Great articles on being frugal

Frugal Village -Another site full of articles on being, guess what... frugal

Hot Coupon World - coupon forum

Moms Need To Know - Another resource for coupons and store deals

Money Saving Mom - help for beginners, coupon blogroll, ebooks etc.

My Grocery Deals - site helps you make shopping list for local stores, shopping challenges

Nicole's Nickels- great stuff on making money as a secret shopper, book reviewer, survey taker, etc.

Northern Cheapskate - good blogroll, good posts, such as How to live without the Sunday paper.

SlickDeals - all kinds of deals on everything!

The Centsible Sawyer - mostly store deals. Has lingo abbreviations, clear deal making schedule, hand her own button you can post on your site.

The Coupon Diva - A real deal getter. She has a great article here on how to make a little extra money on the net. One way is through taking surveys. Here is one of the places she suggests that I have also had luck with, Mindfield Online.

Tip Hero- has a great array of money saving articles, covering any topic you can think of. It's the kind of site you can get lost in because there's just so much stuff to take in.

Want Not- Deals a lot with internet discount codes, etc. I've found some good Amazon deals through this site. Jungle Crazy is another place for Amazon deals. Though I haven't added it to my blogroll, I thought I'd mention it.
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  1. Christina Says:

    Thanks for your kind words. I'm honored to be included with such great company!

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