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Last Comic Standing...What?...Why?
Why do I watch this show? Every year, it just upsets me. Is it possible that my sense of humor is that off from the rest of America's? Apparently so because even from the beginning, I never agree with the people they choose to go thru. It is so much about characters and not about funny at all. Sean Cullen and God's Pottery are perfect examples of that.

Still, I've usually liked the winners, but Iliza Shlesinger. Really? Did no one see Marcus and his impression of Eddie Vedder and Def leppard? Come on, that was priceless. Meanwhile what does Iliza offer? Horrible impressions with that annoying voice and a bitchy attitude. No way people, America got it wrong. And yes, I did vote.

While Marcus may remind you of Dane Cook, who's comedy I love (his movies, not so much), Iliza wasn't original either. I could have done a funnier set than her.

If not Marcus, I think Jeff Dye should have taken it. Disappointing, to say the least.
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