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Household tips and tricks
I've recently been given some ReadyMade magazines and I found some great tips in them I thought I'd pass on.

If you're like me, you're sick of plastic packaging with the sharp edges that's impossible to open. Well, try using a can opener.

I have hardwood floors and they collect dust bunnies like nothing else. Try covering your broom with old panty hose to capture the dust bunnies. Then remove them and finish sweeping the rest. Don't throw the hose out, just shake em clean outside and use them again next time.

Wrap rubber bands around hangers to keep tanks and other clothes with spaghetti straps from falling off.

Here's a great article on a cool way to store magazines. I don't tend to keep my magazines. I like to pass them on but my sister hoards them. For what, I don't know. If you're like her, you'll probably like this idea.

They have a lot more cool ideas so check out there site at readymade.com.
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